VCE Foundation Mathematics Units 1 and 2

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1.1 Geometry
1.2 Circles
1.3 Similarity
1.4 Pythagoras Theorem

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29 Lessons

2.1 Whole Numbers
2.2 Fractions
2.3 Decimals
2.4 Integers
2.5 Directed Numbers
2.6 Percentages
2.7 Ratios
2.8 Rates
2.9 Algebraic Expressions

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75 Lessons

3.1 Descriptive Statistics
3.2 Representing Data
3.3 Exploring Data

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43 Lessons

4.1 Time
4.2 Metric Units
4.3 Measurement
4.4 Parameters
4.5 Area
4.6 Surface Area

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41 Lessons

Foundation Mathematics provides for the continuing mathematical development of students entering VCE who do not necessarily intend to undertake Unit 3 and 4 studies in VCE Mathematics the following year. This course is designed to complement General Mathematics and Mathematical Methods. Students completing this course must undertake an additional targeted mathematical study to attempt Further Mathematics Units 3 and 4.

In Foundation Mathematics, there is a strong emphasis on using mathematics in practical contexts encountered in everyday life in the community, at work and in the study. The areas of study for Units 1 and 2 of Foundation Mathematics are ‘Space, shape and design’, ‘Patterns and number’, ‘Data’ and ‘Measurement’.

All four areas of study are to be completed over the two units. The content should be developed using contexts present in students’ other studies, work and personal or other familiar situations.

In undertaking these units, students are expected to be able to apply techniques, routines and processes involving rational and real arithmetic, sets, lists and tables, diagrams and geometric constructions, equations and graphs with and without the use of technology. They should have a facility with relevant mental and by-hand approaches to estimation and computation. Using numerical, graphical, geometric, symbolic and statistical functionality of technology for teaching and learning mathematics, for working mathematically, and in related assessment is to be incorporated throughout each unit as applicable.

source – VCE Mathematics Study Design