Simplifying Different Length Units in mm


Okay, millimetres. Leave this one alone but we’re gonna fiddle around with these. So meters two millimetres we’re going from large to small. So we need to multiply by a hundred and then ten. So basically a thousand. And then sorry centimetres larger unit to a smaller unit we multiply by ten.

So multiply by ten multiply by a thousand simplify calculate that’s what you should get. And to one significant figure, we just count the six but nine is greater than five isn’t it. So we need to round the six up to seven so we get seven hundred millimetres.

Okay? Millimetres, so leave this one alone guys try please try doing these on your own meters to millimetres large to small multiply by a thousand. Centimetres again large to small multiply by 10. So 5000 by 10 calculate that’s the answer. All right, easy peasy!


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