QCE Essential Mathematics

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1.1 Ratios
1.2 Rates
1.3 Percentages
1.4 Representing Data
1.5 Graphs

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36 Lessons
2.1 Earning Money
2.2 Time
2.3 Speed
2.4 Descriptive Statistics

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31 Lessons
3.1 Geometry
3.2 Metric Units
3.3 Perimeter
3.4 Area
3.5 Surface Area
3.6 Volume

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44 Lessons
4.1 Bivariate Data
4.2 Probability
4.3 Borrowing Money

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33 Lessons

Essential Mathematics is a course of study consisting of four units. The subject matter, learning experiences and assessment increase in complexity from Units 1 and 2 to Units 3 and 4 as students develop greater independence as learners.

Units 1 and 2 provide foundational learning, which allows students to experience all syllabus objectives and begin engaging with the course subject matter. Students should complete Units 1 and 2 before beginning Unit 3. It is recommended that Unit 3 be completed before Unit 4.
Units 3 and 4 consolidate student learning. Only the results from Units 3 and 4 will contribute to ATAR calculations.

Students who complete this course of study with a grade of C or better will meet the numeracy requirement for QCE and should also be able to demonstrate numeracy competencies equivalent to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) 1 Level 3.

Subject matter denoted by ‘[complex]’ is considered complex and indicates alignment to ACSF Level 4 or higher. All other subject matter is considered to be simple and indicates alignment to ACSF Level 3.

Students who demonstrate attainment of the simple subject matter only will be able to achieve a maximum of a C grade overall.

Source – QCAA Applied Senior Syllabus 2019