VCE Mathematical Methods Units 3 and 4 – Algebra

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2.1 Polynomials
2.2 Inverse Functions
2.3 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
2.4 Functions
2.5 Trigonometric Graphs
2.6 Simultaneous Equations

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In this area of study, students cover the algebra of functions, including the composition of functions, simple functional relations, inverse functions and the solution of equations. They also study the identification of appropriate solution processes for solving equations, and systems of simultaneous equations, presented in various forms. Students also cover recognition of equations and systems of equations that are solvable using inverse operations or factorisation and the use of graphical and numerical approaches for problems involving equations where exact value solutions are not required or which are not solvable by other methods. This content is to be incorporated as applicable to the other areas of study.

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