VCE Foundation Mathematics Units 1 and 2 – Space and Shape

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1.1 Geometry
1.2 Circles
1.3 Similarity
1.4 Pythagoras Theorem

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Key knowledge
• the names and properties of common geometric shapes and objects
• the language, symbols and conventions for the representation of geometric objects, including point, line, ray, angle, diagonal, edge, curve, face, and vertex
• the language, symbols and labelling and drawing conventions for diagrams, maps, plans, and models, including key, scale, direction, distance, coordinates and grid reference and elevation
• transformations, symmetry and similarity
• Pythagoras’ theorem.

Key skills
• interpret and describe objects using accurate and appropriate geometric language and conventions
• create and modify diagrams, plans, maps and designs using drawing equipment and digital drawing packages
• develop three-dimensional models for objects and produce two-dimensional representations
• interpret diagrams, plans, maps and models and evaluate their accuracy
• interpret information on maps to plan and describe travel routes, including the use of navigational software and tools
• apply similarity, symmetry and Pythagoras’ theorem to problems in art, design and measurement.

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