VCE Foundation Mathematics Units 1 and 2 – Measurement

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4.1 Time
4.2 Metric Units
4.3 Measurement
4.4 Parameters
4.5 Area
4.6 Surface Area

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Key knowledge
• the metric units for length, area, volume, capacity, time, mass, temperature and common derived units
• the meaning and conventions of different metric units, relative scale and conversions, including the International System of Units (SI)
• digital and analogue tools and instruments and scales
• the formulas for calculating length, area, surface area, volume and capacity
• concepts of tolerance and error.

Key skills
• identify and use common metrics and other relevant measurements
• convert between a range of metrics and other relevant units
• estimate and accurately measure different quantities using appropriate tools
• calculate and interpret length, area, surface area, volume, capacity and duration
• solve a broad range of personal, societal or workplace measurement problems with consideration of error, required accuracy and tolerances, estimation, rounding and approximation strategies.

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