VCE Foundation Mathematics Units 1 and 2 – Data

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3.1 Descriptive Statistics
3.2 Representing Data
3.3 Exploring Data

Additional information


Key knowledge
• categorical and numerical data
• methods of data collection and organisation
• the key terminology, features and conventions of diagrams, charts, tables and graphs
• the purposes for using different forms of data representation and types of data scales (categorical and numerical)
• the common measures of central tendency (averages) and spread
• characteristics and properties of data sets and their distributions
• the terminology for comparison and analysis of data sets, graphs and summary statistics.

Key skills
• collect, organise, collate and represent categorical and numerical data
• accurately read and interpret diagrams, charts, tables and graphs
• summarise statistical data and calculate commonly used measures of central tendency and spread
• describe, compare and analyse data sets and any limitations.

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