Slide – Exercise 44 – Motors and Generators


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War of the Currents | Thomas Edison's Method of Electricity Generation

During the war of the currents, two companies attempted to promote different ways of generating our electricity. Which two methods were being argued over?
These of course were the two different sources of currents that we can get electrically – alternating current and direct current. Problem B asks, “Who was in charge of each company?”
So the company that was trying to push forward alternating current war run by George Westinghouse and DC current was, of course, Thomas Edison.
Describe how Thomas Edison attempted to push forward his company’s method of electricity generation.
Now, what must have Thomas Edison been thinking? He wants DC power for transmission. But he knows that AC power has a lot of advantages over DC power, especially because it can be stepped up to higher voltages.
So let’s – instead of trying to figure out the advantages of DC, trying to make AC seem unusable. So DC power doesn’t have very many advantages. Edison attempts to promote his own DC power by advertising the dangers of AC power.
To it, he used AC power to torture animals and used it for an electric chair to execute criminals. He did this in order to promote the “safer” DC current power.