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Main Sources of Aluminium Recycled | Techniques Separate Aluminium from Iron, Steel or Glass

Identify the main sources of aluminium presently being recycled. So what are the main types of aluminium being recycled at the moment?
Well, basically it's drink cans. So, the ones that you chuck in your recycling bin and aluminium used in building and vehicles. So vehicles and buildings, the two major applications for aluminium, which is good, they're being recycled and also the drink cans. Other forms of aluminium that may be being used or may not be being recycled as effectively. So, but at least the drink cans in this major application here are being recycled, which is good.
Suggest a technique that could be used to separate aluminium from iron, steel or glass products that are collected together with iron, with aluminium products for recycling.
Try to get out the iron, the aluminium, from iron, steel or glass products.
So magnets could be used to separate any iron and steel from aluminium. So we could use a magnet, go through our junk and try and remove all the iron or steel. So that's, that's how we get rid of the iron and steel. And since glass is denser than aluminium, we add water and stir the glasses into the bottle, so like centrifuging so we might be able to just remove the glass from the bottom and that's how we can separate.