Singapore G2 Mathematics – Secondary 1

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Aligned with Singapore’s Ministry of Education guidelines, our Secondary 1 course offers a solid foundation in mathematics for continuous learning. Join us!





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Dive into the world of mathematics with “Singapore G2 Mathematics – Secondary 1″, your comprehensive online guide designed to navigate the foundational concepts of Secondary 1 mathematics. This engaging course is crafted to simplify and demystify topics ranging from Numbers and Operations to Data Handling and Analysis. Whether you’re seeking to build a strong mathematical foundation or aiming to excel in your exams, this course is tailored to make learning math easier and more enjoyable.

Embark on Your Math Journey:

Mathematics is a key that unlocks the world’s mysteries, from the patterns in nature to the technology we use daily. This course begins with the basics, ensuring a solid foundation, and progressively delves into more complex topics. Each lesson is structured to build on previous knowledge, fostering a deep and lasting understanding of essential mathematical concepts.

What You Will Learn:

  • Numbers and Operations: Grasp the core of mathematics by mastering numbers and their operations. Learn to calculate confidently, setting the stage for all future math learning.
  • Ratios and Proportion: Unravel the mysteries of ratios and proportions. Understand their significance in daily life and how to use them to solve problems efficiently.
  • Percentages: Decode the world of percentages. From calculating discounts to understanding statistics, percentages are everywhere, and mastering them is crucial.
  • Algebraic Expressions: Step into the realm of algebra. Learning to express relationships using symbols and letters opens doors to advanced problem-solving strategies.
  • Angles, Triangles, and Quadrilaterals: Explore angles and shapes to discover the beauty of geometry. Understand their properties and how to work with them in various contexts.
  • Symmetry: See the world through the lens of symmetry. Learn to identify symmetrical patterns and understand their importance in geometry and design.
  • Mensuration: Measure up by mastering mensuration. From calculating areas and perimeters to exploring volume, gain the skills to tackle practical measurement problems.
  • Data Handling and Analysis: Become a data detective. Learning to collect, organise, and interpret data is a vital skill in our information-rich world.

Interactive and Engaging Learning Experience:

This course has interactive lessons, practical exercises, and quizzes to ensure an engaging and active learning experience. You’ll tackle real-world problems, making math relevant and exciting.

Support Whenever You Need It:

Our community forum is a vibrant space to ask questions, share ideas, and connect with peers. Our dedicated instructors are passionate about mathematics and are always ready to provide extra help, clarify concepts, and motivate you on your learning journey.

Learn at Your Own Pace:

We recognize that everyone’s learning journey is unique. Our course allows you to learn independently, access lessons anytime, and revisit topics as needed. This flexibility ensures you can balance learning with other commitments without feeling overwhelmed.

Ready to Master Secondary 1 Mathematics?

“Singapore G2 Mathematics – Secondary 1” is your gateway to excelling in mathematics. With our comprehensive coverage, engaging lessons, and supportive environment, you’re not just preparing for exams but building a strong foundation for future learning.

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Embark on this exciting mathematical adventure today. Enroll in our course, and start your journey to mastering the foundational concepts of Secondary 1 mathematics. With dedication and our support, you’ll discover the joy and power of mathematics. Let’s unlock your potential together—enrol now and begin your path to success!

Our online course is meticulously aligned with the G2 Mathematics syllabus set forth by the Ministry of Education Singapore.

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