NCEA Mathematics Level 1 – Geometry and Trigonometry

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Explore the wonders of geometry and trigonometry with our NCEA Mathematics Level 1 course! Master shapes, angles, and more to excel in your exams and beyond.





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NCEA Mathematics Level 1 – Geometry and Trigonometry

Welcome to our comprehensive online course tailored for NCEA Mathematics Level 1, focusing on Geometry and Trigonometry. This course offers a unique opportunity to master the fundamental concepts of geometry and trigonometry, setting a solid foundation for your mathematical journey.Are you ready?

Pythagoras Theorem

Dive into the world of right-angled triangles and discover the power of Pythagoras’ Theorem. Our lessons make it simple to understand and apply this theorem to solve real-life problems.


Unravel the mysteries of trigonometric ratios. We guide you step by step, ensuring you grasp how to calculate sides and angles in triangles effortlessly.


Explore the fascinating concept of similarity within different shapes. Our interactive lessons help you understand how to identify similar figures and use this knowledge in various contexts.

Angle Geometry

Tackle the complexities of angle geometry. Learn about alternate, corresponding, and co-interior angles in parallel lines and other geometrical properties crucial for solving complex problems.

Coordinate Geometry

Embark on a journey through coordinate planes. Our course simplifies plotting points, understanding slopes, and interpreting graphs to make coordinate geometry a breeze.


Delve into the principles of locus. Discover how to describe a point’s path and apply this knowledge in practical scenarios.


Learn about transformations, including rotations, reflections, translations, and enlargements. Understand how shapes move and change, enhancing your analytical skills.


Precision matters in mathematics. We emphasize the importance of accuracy in measurements and calculations, preparing you for examinations and real-world applications.

Each module is designed to build confidence and competence in Geometry and Trigonometry. We ensure that you not only learn but also enjoy the process of discovering new mathematical concepts. Our active, engaging teaching style and practical examples make complex topics accessible and fun.

Our interactive practice tutorials and quizzes reinforce what you’ve learned, giving you the confidence to apply your knowledge effectively. Plus, our real exam simulation environment prepares you for the questions you’ll face in your NCEA exams, ensuring you’re prepared and ready to excel.

Join us today and start your path to mastering Geometry and Trigonometry at NCEA Level 1. Let’s transform challenges into achievements together. Our online courses are meticulously crafted to adhere to the NCEA Mathematics outlined by the New Zealand Qualification Authority, ensuring a comprehensive and suitable learning experience.

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