WACE Mathematics Specialist ATAR – Unit 3

3.1 Complex numbers
3.2 Functions and sketching graphs
3.3 Vectors in three dimensions

Unit 3 of the Mathematics Specialist ATAR course contains three topics: Complex numbers, Functions and sketching graphs and Vectors in three dimensions. The study of vectors was introduced in Unit 1, focusing on vectors in two-dimensional space. In this unit, three-dimensional vectors are studied, and vector equations and vector calculus are introduced, with the latter extending students’ knowledge of calculus from the Mathematics Methods ATAR course. Cartesian and vector equations, together with equations of planes, enable students to solve geometric problems involving motion in three-dimensional space. The Cartesian form of complex numbers was introduced in Unit 2, and the study of complex numbers is now extended to the polar form.

The study of functions and techniques of graph sketching, begun in the Mathematics Methods ATAR course, is extended and applied in sketching graphs and solving problems involving integration.

Source – Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority 2023

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