WACE Mathematics Preliminary – Unit 3

3.1 Whole number
3.2 Addition and subtraction of whole numbers
3.3. Money
3.4. Addition and subtraction of money
3.5. Multiplication and division of whole numbers
3.6. Multiplication and division of money
3.7 Time
3.8. Measurement
3.9 Chance and data

In this unit, students continually develop their various computational skills with whole numbers to meet their daily needs and money matters. They continue to work with money problems and learn to use banking services. The students read scales on measuring devices, such as kitchen scales, jugs and analogue clocks. They examine timetables and estimate the passing of time for various activities. They also use the language of chance and consider certain events’ likelihood.

Source – Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority 2023

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WACE Mathematics Preliminary Syllabus

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