WACE Mathematics Preliminary – Unit 1

1.1 Whole numbers
1.2 Addition and subtraction of whole numbers
1.3 Money
1.4 Addition and subtraction of money
1.5 Time
1.6 Measurement
1.7 Location
1.8 Shape and transformation

In this unit, students use whole numbers to meet their daily needs, including money matters and reading the time. They connect the idea of quantity with subitising and counting, reading and writing the numerals, and progress to simple cases of addition and subtraction to solve basic everyday maths problems. They learn to recognise and name familiar notes and coins and connect these with the written symbols. They count one dollar coins to say how much money they have and solve simple addition and subtraction problems involving small amounts.

Students learn to use basic concepts and terminology for measuring time, length, mass and capacity attributes. They develop a sense of space and location by drawing simple objects and using appropriate spatial language.

Source – Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority 2023

WACE Mathematics Preliminary Courses

WACE Mathematics Preliminary Syllabus

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