WACE Mathematics Essential General – Unit 2

2.1 Representing and comparing data
2.2 Percentages
2.3 Rates and ratios
2.4 Time and motion

This unit provides students with the mathematical skills and understanding to solve problems related to representing and comparing data, percentages, rates, ratios, and time and motion. Students further develop the use of the mathematical thinking process and apply the statistical investigation process. The statistical investigation process should be explicitly taught in conjunction with the statistical content within this unit. Teachers are advised to apply the content of the four topics in this unit: Representing and comparing data, Percentages, Rates and ratios, and Time and motion in a context that is meaningful and of interest to their students. Possible contexts for this unit are Transport and Independent living.

It is assumed that students will be taught this course with an extensive range of technological applications and techniques. The ability to choose when or when not to use some form of technology and to work flexibly with technology are important skills.

The number formats for the unit are whole numbers, decimals, fractions and percentages, rates and ratios.

Source – Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority 2023

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