WACE Mathematics Applications ATAR – Unit 1

1.1 Consumer arithmetic
1.2 Algebra and matrices
1.3 Shape and measurement

This unit has three topics: ‘Consumer arithmetic’, ‘Algebra and matrices’, and ‘Shape and measurement’. ‘Consumer arithmetic’ reviews the concepts of rate and percentage change in the context of earning and managing money and provides a fertile ground for using spreadsheets.

‘Algebra and matrices’ continues the Year 7–10 curriculum study of algebra and introduces the topic of matrices. This topic emphasises the symbolic representation and manipulation of information from real-life contexts using algebra and matrices.

‘Shape and measurement’ builds on and extends the knowledge and skills students developed in the Year 7–10 curriculum with the concept of similarity and associated calculations involving simple geometric shapes. This topic emphasises applying these skills in a range of practical contexts, including those involving three-dimensional shapes.

Source – Western Australia School Curriculum and Standards Authority 2020

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