VCE Specialist Mathematics Units 1 and 2 – Statistics

6.1 Descriptive Statistics
6.2 Simulation
6.3 Representing Data
6.4 Exploring Data

Simulation, sampling and sampling distributions

This topic includes:


  • random experiments, events and event spaces
  • use of simulation to generate a random sample.

Sampling distributions

  • simple random sampling from a finite population and the probability of obtaining a particular sample
  • introduction to random variables for discrete distributions
  • distinction between a population parameter and a sample statistic and use of the sample statistics mean \( \overline{x} \) and proportion \( \hat{p} \) as an estimate of the associated population parameter mean \( \mu \) and proportion \( p \)
  • concept of a sampling distribution and its random variable
  • distribution of sample means and proportions considered empirically, including comparing the distributions of different size samples from the same population in terms of centre and spread
  • display of variation in sample proportions and means through dot plots and other displays and considering the centre and spread of these distributions
  • consideration of the mean and standard deviation of both the distribution of sample means and the distribution of sample proportions and consideration of the effect of taking larger samples.

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Descriptive Statistics

Representing Data
Exploring Data
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