VCE Foundation Mathematics Units 1 and 2 – Patterns and Number

2.1 Whole Numbers
2.2 Fractions
2.3 Decimals
2.4 Integers
2.5 Directed Numbers
2.6 Percentages
2.7 Ratios
2.8 Rates
2.9 Algebraic Expressions

In this area of study, students cover estimation, the use and application of different forms of numbers and calculations, and the representation of patterns and generalisations in numbers including formulas and other algebraic expressions in everyday contexts.

This area of study includes:

  • application of integers, decimals, fractions, ratios, proportions, percentages and rates to solve practical problems
  • estimation, approximation and reasonableness of results
  • use and interpretation of formulas and algebraic expressions to describe relationships between variables and to model patterns
  • manipulation and solution of expressions and equations to solve problems including predicting a required quantity or finding a break-even point.

source – VCE Mathematics Study Design

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