SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods – Further Differentiation and Applications

1.1 Introductory Differential Calculus 
1.2 Differential Rules 
1.3 Exponential Functions 
1.4 Trigonometric functions 
1.5 The Second Derivative

Calculus is essential for developing an understanding of the physical world, as many of the laws of science are relationships involving rates of change. The calculus study provides a basis for understanding rates of change in the physical world. It includes the use of functions and their derivatives and integrals in modelling physical processes.

Source – Subject Outline, South Australian Certificate of Education 2023

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SACE Stage 2 Mathematical Methods Syllabus

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Rates of Change

Exponential Functions
Differentiation of Trigonometric Functions
Applications of Differentiation
Increasing and Decreasing Functions
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