SACE Stage 2 General Mathematics – Modelling with Matrices

2.1 Application of Matrices to Network Problems

2.2 Application of Matrices to Transition Problems

This topic continues the development of discrete mathematics in Matrices and networks in Stage 1 General Mathematics. Students apply matrices to solve problems in practical contexts.

Two practical applications of matrices are studied: connectivity of networks and transition problems. The first application shows how matrices are used to examine the efficiency or reliability of a network system by considering the number of subsidiary paths it contains. In the second application, future trends are predicted when things change state over time with known probabilities.

In both cases, students examine problems set in various contexts and discuss the appropriateness of the models and the usefulness of the solutions found. Electronic technology is used extensively for calculations involving matrix multiplication and investigating the effects of altering initial parameters on the outcomes.

Source – Subject Outline, South Australian Certificate of Education 2023

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