SACE Stage 2 Essential Mathematics – Statistics

4.1 Sampling from Populations
4.2 Analysiis and Representation of Sets od Data
4.3 Linear Correlation

Students consider the collection of data through various methods of sampling. Emphasis is placed on eliminating bias and ensuring the validity and reliability of results from the sample.

Two or more sets of data examining a single variable from the same or similar populations are compared using calculated statistics and graphical representations.

Students extend their skills introduced in Data in Context in Stage 1 to analyse their data critically and use this analysis to form and support reasonable predictions.

Linear regression techniques are used to investigate the relationship between two variable characteristics. Students analyse data graphically and algebraically to determine the strength and nature of the relationship and use it, where appropriate, to make predictions.

Throughout this topic, there is a focus on using electronic technology to facilitate the calculations of statistics and the construction of graphs.

Source – Subject Outline, South Australian Certificate of Education 2023

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