SACE Stage 1 Mathematics – Matrices, Real and Complex Numbers

6.1 Matrix Arithmetic
6.2 Transformations in the Plane
6.3 The Number Line
6.4 Introduction to Mathematical Induction
6.5 complex Numbers
6.6 The complex (Argand) Plane 6.7 Roots of Equations


Matrices provide new perspectives for working with two-dimensional space. The study of matrices includes an extension of matrix arithmetic to applications such as linear transformations of the plane, solving systems of linear equations and cryptography.

Real and Complex Numbers

This topic is a continuation of students’ study of numbers. Mathematical induction is introduced to prove a given statement for all integers. Complex numbers extend the number line concept to the two-dimensional complex plane. This topic introduces operations with complex numbers, their geometric representation, and their use in solving problems that cannot be solved with real numbers alone.

Source – Subject Outline, South Australian Certificate of Education 2023

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Principle of Mathematical Induction
Complex Numbers
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