SACE Stage 1 General Mathematics – Investing and Borrowing

1.1 Investing for Interest
1.2 Investing for Shares
1.3 Return on Investment
1.4 Costs of Borrowing

Students discuss reasons for investing money and investigate using financial institutions and the share market as vehicles for an investment of a sum of money. They calculate their expected returns from simple and compound interest investments using electronic technology (such as spreadsheets and financial packages in graphic calculators) and examine the effects of changing interest rates, terms, and investment balances. Students compare various scenarios and consider the limitations on the reliability of predictions made using simple and compound interest models.

Share market calculations include the costs of buying and returns from selling shares, break-even prices, and returns from dividends. Students compare the returns possible from share investments and those made in financial institutions. The effects of taxation and inflation on the return from a lump sum investment are investigated to determine whether real growth has occurred. Students consider the costs of borrowing money using a credit or a personal loan by accessing calculation tools on the internet.

Source – Subject Outline, South Australian Certificate of Education 2023

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