SACE Stage 1 General Mathematics – Applications of Trigonometry

4.1 Similarity
4.2 Right Triangle Geometry
4.3 Area of Triangles
4.4 Solving Problems with Non-Right Triangles

This topic focuses on the calculations involved in triangle geometry and their applications in practical contexts such as construction, surveying, design, and navigation. An understanding of similarity and right triangle geometry leads students to the development of formulae for the calculation of the area of a triangle.

Non-right triangle trigonometry is introduced by deriving the cosine rule from Pythagoras’ theorem and the sine rule from the triangle area formula. Students investigate problems that involve solving for unknown sides and angles in triangles found in both two- and three-dimensional situations. They consider cases where the data presented in sine rule problems may be ambiguous.

Source – Subject Outline, South Australian Certificate of Education 2023

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Pythagoras Theorem
Non-Right Angled Traignels
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