QCE Specialist Mathematics – Complex Numbers, Trigonometry, Functions and Matrices

2.1 Complex Numbres
2.2 Trigonometry
2.3 Graphs
2.4 Trigonometric Identities
2.5 Matrices

In this course, students will develop the mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems relating to:

  • Complex Numbers 1
  • Trigonometry and Functions
  • Matrices

Complex numbers 1 introduces the complex plane, complex arithmetic and complex algebra. Trigonometry and functions build on the nature of proof and models periodic phenomena. Matrices introduce basic operations and extend to transformations in the plane.

These topics further develop the thinking techniques and mathematical rigour introduced in QCE Specialist Mathematics – Combinatorics, Vectors and Proof, and provide opportunities to nurture curiosity about the nature and utility of mathematics.

Source – QCAA General Senior Syllabus 2025

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QCE Specialist Mathematics Syllabus

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Complex Numbers

Trigonometric Identities
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