QCE Mathematical Methods – Algebra, Statistics and Functions

1.1 Arithmetic Sequences and Series
1.2 Geometric Sequences and Series
1.3 Functions
1.4 Quadratic Graphs
1.5 Quadratic Equations
1.6 Polynomials
1.7 Set Theory
1.8 Probability
1.9 Binomial Theorem
1.10 Exponents

In this course, students will develop the mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems relating to:

  • Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series 1
  • Functions and Graphs
  • Counting and Probability
  • Exponential Functions 1
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series 2

Arithmetic and geometric sequences are introduced, and their applications are studied. Simple relationships between variable quantities are reviewed, which are used to introduce the key concepts of a function and its graph. Quadratic functions and index rules are revised. The study of inferential statistics begins in this unit with a review of the fundamentals of probability and the introduction of conditional probability and independence concepts. The algebraic expansion of powers of a binomial is found using the binomial theorem.

Source – QCAA General Senior Syllabus 2025

QCE Mathematical Methods Courses

QCE Mathematical Methods Syllabus

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Arithmetic Sequences and Series

Geometric Sequences and Series
Quadratic Graphs
Quadratic Equations
Set Theory
Binomial Theorem
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