QCE General Mathematics – Applied Trigonometry, Algebra, Matrices and Univariate Data

2.1 Trigonometry
2.2 Exploring Data
2.3 Algebra
2.4 Matrices
2.5 Descriptive Statistics

In this course, students will develop the mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems relating to:

  • Applications of Trigonometry
  • Algebra and Matrices
  • Univariate Data Analysis

Applications of trigonometry extend students’ knowledge of trigonometry to solve practical problems involving non-right-angled triangles in both two and three dimensions, including problems involving the use of angles of elevation and depression and bearings in navigation. Algebra and matrices continue the study of algebra and introduce the new topic of matrices. Univariate data analysis develops students’ ability to organise and summarise univariate data in the context of conducting a statistical investigation.

Source – QCAA General Senior Syllabus 2025

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Representing Data
Exploring Data
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Descriptive Statistics
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Course Includes

  • 44 Lessons
  • 264 Topics
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