QCE Essential Mathematics – Graphs, Chance and Loans Course Image

QCE Essential Mathematics – Graphs, Chance and Loans

4.1 Bivariate Data
4.2 Probability
4.3 Borrowing Money

33 Lessons

In this course, students will develop the mathematical understanding and skills to solve problems relating to:

  • Bivariate Graphs
  • Probability and Relative Frequencies
  • Loans and Compound Interest

The subject matter of the topics in this unit should be applied in a meaningful context and of interest to students. Two possible contexts in this unit are ‘Mathematics of health’ and ‘Mathematics of home loans’. However, these contexts may not be relevant to all students. Suitable contexts relevant to the particular student cohort should be chosen.

Source – QCAA Applied Senior Syllabus 2019


Cartesian Plane

Linear Patterns

Linear Models


Correlation Coefficient

Line of Best Fit

Least Squares Regression Line

Interpolation and Extrapolation


Introduction to Probability

Relative Frequency

Experimental Probability

Range of Probabilities

Sample Space

Theoretical Probability

Using Grids

Tables of Outcomes or Two-Way Tables

Tree Diagrams


Compound Interest Formula

Compound Interest Applications

Personal Loans in Compound Interest

Home Loans in Compound Interest

Cost of a Loan

Loan Repayments in Borrowing Money

Comparing Loans

Reducing Balance Loans

Loan Repayments using Present Value

Annuities Formula

Interest Only Loans

Different Options with Loans

Loan Repayments using Reducible Interest and Balance