IB Mathematics Applications and Interpretation SL – Statistics and Probability

4.1 Descriptive Statistics 
4.2 Representing Data 
4.3 Exploring Data 
4.4 Linear Correlation 
4.5 Probability 
4.6 Expectation 
4.7 Binomial Distribution 
4.8 Normal Distribution 
4.9 Hypothesis Testing

The aim of the standard level content in the IB Math AI SL Statistics and Probability topic is to introduce students to important concepts, techniques and representations used in statistics and probability and their meaningful application in the real world. Students should be given the opportunity to approach this topic in a practical way, to understand why certain techniques are used and to interpret the results. The use of technology such as simulations, spreadsheets, statistics software and statistics apps can greatly enhance this topic.
It is expected that most of the calculations required will be carried out using technology, but explanations of calculations by hand may enhance understanding. The emphasis is on choosing the most appropriate technique and understanding and interpreting the results obtained in context.
In IB Math AI SL Statistics and Probability examinations, students should be familiar with how to use the statistics functionality of the allowed technology.
At SL the data set will be considered to be the population unless otherwise stated

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Descriptive Statistics

Exploring Data
Representing Data
Linear Correlation
Binomial Distribution
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