IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL Geometry and Trigonometry

IB Mathematics Analysis and Approaches HL – Geometry and Trigonometry

3.1 Volume
3.2 Surface Area
3.3 Angle Geometry
3.4 Trigonometry
3.5 Radian Measure
3.6 Trigonometric Properties
3.7 Trigonometric Equations
3.8 Coordinate Geometry
3.9 Vectors

82 Lessons

Course Materials


Volume Units

Volume of Prisms

Volume of Cylinders

Volume of Pyramids

Volume of Cones

Volume of Spheres

Volume of Composite Solids


Surface Area of Prisms

Surface Area of Pyramids

Surface Area of Cylinders

Surface Area of Spheres

Surface Area of Cones

Surface Area of Composite Solids


Angle between Lines

Area of Triangles using Sides and Angles


Trigonometric Ratios in Right-Angled Triangles

Sine Rule

Applications of Sine Rule

Cosine Rule

Applications of Cosine Rule

Three Dimensional Trigonometry

Angles of Elevation and Angle of Depression

Compass Bearings

True Bearings


Degree-Radian Conversions

Trigonometric Ratios in Radian Measure

Symmetry of Trigonometric Ratios

Symmetry of Trigonometric Ratios for Obtuse Angles

Arc Length in Radians

Area of Minor Segments

Four Quadrants in Radian Measure

Applications of the Unit Circle

Finding Angles with Particular Trigonometric Ratios

Exact Ratios in Radian

Complementary Angle Formula in Radians

Gradient of Lines in Raidan Measure


Negative Angle Formulae

Simplifying Trigonometric Expressions

Factorising Trigonometric Expressions

Sine Double Angle Formula

Cosine Double Angle Formula

Tangent Double Angle Formula

Sums and Products of Sine and Cosine

Transformation Identities

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