IB Mathematical Studies SL – Sets Logic and Probability

International Baccalaureate
Mathematical Studies Standard Level

Topic 4 - Sets Logic and Probability

4.1 Sets
4.2 Venn Diagrams
4.3 Logic
4.4 Probability
4.5 Expectation

36 Lessons
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Course Materials

Definition of Sets

Set Builder Notation

Complements of Sets

Representing Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagram Regions with Two Sets

Numbers in Regions

Problem Solving with Venn Diagrams


Key Statistical Concepts




Exclusive Disjunction

Logical Equivalence

Truth Tables for Three Propositions

Implication of Propositions

Equivalence of Propositions

Converse of Statements

Inverse of Statements

Contrapositive of Propositions

Valid Arguments

Arguments with Three Propositions

Experimental Probability

Sample Space

Theoretical Probability

Using Grids

Tables of Outcomes or Two-Way Tables

Tree Diagrams

Sampling With Replacement

Sets and Venn Diagrams

Laws of Probability

Conditional Probability

Independent Events

Expectation Theory

Expected Value

Fair Games and Expectation