IB Mathematical Studies SL – Geometry

International Baccalaureate
Mathematical Studies Standard Level

Topic 6 - Geometry

6.1 Coordinate Geometry
6.2 Area
6.3 Surface Area
6.4 Volume
6.5 Measurement

31 Lessons
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Course Materials

Distance between Two Points

Midpoint Formula

Gradient of Lines

Parallel Lines

Perpendicular Lines

Vertical Lines and Horizontal Lines

Finding Equations of Lines

Finding Gradient from an Equation

Does a Point Lie on a Line

Finding a Linear Equation from a Graph

Sketching Linear Graphs

Finding Intersection of Lines Graphically

Area Units

Area of Triangles using Heights

Area of Rectangles

Area of Parallelograms

Area of Trapeziums

Area of Circles

Surface Area of Prisms

Surface Area of Cylinders

Surface Area of Spheres

Surface Area of Cones

Volume Units

Volume of Cylinders

Volume of Pyramids

Volume of Spheres

Length Conversions

Perimeter Formula

Capacity Units

Mass Conversions