HSC Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 – Trigonometric Functions

2.1 Inverse Trigonometric Functions
2.2 Trigonometric Identities

Exploring HSC Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 – Trigonometric Functions

Welcome to our comprehensive course for students preparing for Australia’s Higher School Certificate (HSC). Delve deep into the intriguing world of trigonometry as you explore the intricacies of trigonometric functions, identities, and their practical applications. Prepare to excel in HSC examinations and lay a strong foundation for future mathematical endeavours.

Course Overview

Embark on a journey to master various aspects of trigonometry, from fundamental concepts to advanced topics. Start with angles, radians, and the unit circle, progressing to delve into trigonometric ratios, graphs of trigonometric functions, and transformations. Along the way, tackle trigonometric identities, including sum and difference, double-angle, and half-angle identities, learning how to apply them in problem-solving.

Key Concepts Covered

  • Angles and Radians: Measure angles in radians and degrees, understand their relationship, and convert between different measures.
  • Trigonometric Ratios: Explore sine, cosine, and tangent ratios, applying them to solve problems involving right-angled triangles and trigonometric identities.
  • Graphs of Trigonometric Functions: Study the graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent functions, analyzing their amplitude, period, and phase shifts.
  • Transformations of Trigonometric Graphs: Discover how to transform trigonometric graphs through translations, reflections, stretches, and compressions.
  • Trigonometric Identities: Investigate various trigonometric identities and their application in problem-solving.

Course Structure

Engage with the content through various formats, including video lessons, interactive activities, practice problems, and assessment tasks. This structure ensures a comprehensive learning experience, reinforcing your understanding and developing problem-solving skills.

Real-World Applications

Explore the practical applications of trigonometric functions in fields like engineering, physics, and astronomy. Gain insights into how trigonometry is used to solve real-world problems and make predictions in various contexts.

Preparation for HSC Examinations

Our course closely aligns with the requirements of the HSC Mathematics Extension 1 syllabus, preparing you thoroughly for your HSC examinations. Receive expert guidance and support from our educators dedicated to your success.

Embark on a transformative learning journey with our HSC Year 11 Mathematics Extension 1 – Trigonometric Functions course. Enrol today to unlock the power of trigonometry and propel your academic and career aspirations forward!

Course Content

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Trigonometric Properties

Inverse Trigonometric Functions
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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons
  • 110 Topics
  • 6 Quizzes