HSC Year 11 Mathematics Advanced Functions

HSC Year 11 Mathematics Advanced – Functions

3.1 Exponents
3.2 Surds
3.3 Quadratic Equations
3.4 Algebraic Fractions
3.5 Functions
3.6 Linear Functions
3.7 Quadratic Functions
3.8 Simultaneous Equations
3.9 Cubic polynomials
3.A Graphs of Functions
3.B Absolute Value Functions

92 Lessons


Powers and Bases

Multiplication using Exponents

Division using Exponents

Zero Index

Raising a Power to Another Power

Negative Exponents

Negative Bases

Rational Exponents

Complicated Exponent Laws


Surd Definition

Simplifying Surds

Addition and Subtraction of Surds

Multiplication of Surds

Division of Surds

Distributive Law of Surds

Square of Binomial Expansions involving Surds

Cube of Binomial Expansions involving Surds

Rationalising Denominators

Rationalising Denominators using Conjugate Pairs

Equality of Surds

Equations involving Surds


What are Quadratic Equations?

Finding Solutions by Inspecting Graphs

Quadratic Equations in Factorised Form

Quadratic Equations in Square Form

Quadratic Identities

Substitutions into Quadratics

Solving by Factorisation

Solving by Factorisation involving Fractions

Solving by Completing the Square

Quadratic Formula

Problem Solving with Quadratics

Problem Solving with Quadratics involving Geometry


Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions using Laws of Exponents


Relations and Functions

Function Notation

Domain and Range

Domain and Range by Graphs

Ranges of Linear Inequalities

Composite Functions

Even Functions and Odd Functions


Gradient of Lines

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