Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary Integers

Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary – Integers

1.1 Whole Number Skills
1.2 Number Skills
1.3 Directed Numbers
1.4 Ratios

42 Lessons

About the course

This Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of integers. It will guide you through every step of learning, enabling you to be competent in this area of mathematics. All you need to learn is a laptop or similar device, calculator, notepad and pen.

Lessons include:

  • Whole number skills
  • Number skills
  • Directed Numbers
  • Ratios

By the time you have completed this lower secondary mathematics curriculum, you will be confident in your knowledge of integers, being able to apply this to everyday situations.

What to expect

This Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary course on integers is split into manageable sections, with a total of 41 lessons and 341 steps. Each lesson covers a specific area of knowledge, enabling you to learn at your own pace.

As you enter your answers, they will be marked as either correct or incorrect. This means you can learn from your mistakes and make corrections as required. Once you have finished, you can mark each topic as complete.

The progress section shows how many steps you have remaining, allowing you to see the percentage of completion. Designed to make learning enjoyable and simple, this course simplifies mathematics.


  • Easy to understand the course, broken down into sections
  • Input and mark answers as you progress
  • Learn at your own pace
  • In-depth information
  • Includes everything you need to know about integers

Course Materials


Need for Numbers

Adding Whole Numbers

Subtracting Whole Numbers

Multiplying Whole Numbers

Dividing Whole Numbers

Divisibility Tests of Whole Numbers


Words used in Mathematics

Index Notation



Highest Common Factor (HCF)

Lowest Common Multiple (LCM)

Order of Operations

Special Number Sets

Prime Numbers Composite Numbers

Prime Factors


Square Roots

Higher Order Roots

Even Numbers Odd Numbers

Calculator Computations


Integers on Number Line

Positive Integers and Zero on Number Plane

Integers on Number Plane

Addition of Integers

Subtraction of Integers

Multiplication of Integers

Division of Integers

Combined Operations

Directed Numbers on Number Line


Introduction to Ratios

Simplifying Ratios


Comparing Ratios

Increasing and Decreasing in a Given Ratio

Dividing a Quantity in a Given Ratio

Finding Values from Ratio

Scale Drawings