Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary Geometry

Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary – Geometry

4.1 Angle Geometry
4.2 Transformations
4.3 Bearings
4.4 Pythagoras Theorem
4.5 Coordinate Geometry

32 Lessons

About the course

The Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary course on geometry provides a comprehensive understanding of this area of mathematics. By the time you have completed this course, you will have covered this section of the curriculum, gaining an understanding that will benefit you in your mathematics career, as well as general life.

The only equipment you require to do this course is a laptop or computer with an Internet connection, a notepad, pen and calculator. This makes it easy to complete at home, or even remotely.

Lessons include:

  • Angle Geometry
  • Transformations
  • Bearings
  • Pythagoras Theorem
  • Coordinate Geometry

What to expect

This Cambridge Mathematics Lower Secondary course is designed to be user-friendly, informative and interesting.

Work your way through each section, entering your answers to each question. Each answer will be marked as correct or incorrect, allowing you to make corrections as you progress. The benefit of this is that you can understand room for improvement and ensure you understand each section before moving onto the next.

Keep an eye on your course completion percentage to see how far through the course you are. This makes it easy to learn in small, manageable sections, as well as knowing how close you are to the end of the course.


  • In-depth curriculum on geometry
  • See your progress throughout the course
  • Enter answers and mark them as you go
  • Enables you to learn at your own pace


Lines and Angles

Angles in Polygons


Types of Angles

Types of Triangles

Angles in a Triangle


Angles in a Quadrilateral

Triangles and Quadrilaterals


Translations and Transformations

Transformation Axis Lines of Symmetry

Reflection of Transformation

Rotation of Curves



Compass Bearings

True Bearings


Pythagoras' Theorem

Pythagorean Triads

Right Angles in Geometry

Circles and Pythagoras' Theorem

Sides of Quadrilaterals by Pythagoras Theorem

Converse of Pythagoras' Theorem


Definition of Locus

Locus from a Point

Relations between two Points

Distance from a Line

Locus by Perpendicular Lines