Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE (US) Additional - Functions

Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE (US) Additional – Functions

2.1 Functions
2.2 Graphs
2.3 Exponential Functions
2.4 Logarithms
2.5 Logarithmic Graphs

47 Lessons

Video – Drawing Graph of Rational Function: Step 6 (4:17)

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Course Materials


Relations and Functions

Relations and Graphs

Function Notation

Domain and Range

Composite Functions

Functional Equations

Even Functions and Odd Functions

Absolute Value (Modulus) Graphs

Simple Absolute Value (Modulus) Equations

Absolute Value (Modulus) Equations: Pronumerals on Both Sides

Rational Functions

Inverse Functions

Functions which Have Inverses



Square Root Functions

Reciprocal Functions

Graphs of Rational Functions

Polynomial Graphs

Piece Graphs

Further Graphs of Basic Power Functions

Further Graphs of Exponential Functions

Further Graphs of Logarithmic Functions

Further Graphs of Absolute Value (Modulus) Functions


Evaluating Exponential Functions

Exponential Graphs from Tables

Exponential Graphs

Natural Exponential Graphs

Finding Equations for Graphs of Exponential Functions

Exponential Growth

Exponential Decay


Logarithms in Base 10

Logarithm Definition

Logarithmic Laws

Natural Logarithms

Natural Logarithm Laws

Logarithmic Equations

Exponential Equations using Logarithms

Logarithm Change of Base Rule


Graphing Logarithmic Functions

Graphing Natural Logarithmic Functions

Logarithmic Graphs with Absolute Values

Exponential Growth and Decay using Logarithms