Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE International Extended - Algebra

Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE International Extended – Algebra

2.1 Algebraic Expressions
2.2 Linear Equations
2.3 Exponents
2.4 Simultaneous Equations
2.5 Factorisation
2.6 Algebraic Fractions
2.7 Quadratic Equations
2.8 Number Sequences
2.9 Linear Modelling
2.A Non-Linear Modelling

82 Lessons
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Course Materials


Integers on Number Line

Using Rules

Writing and Finding Formulas


Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions using Laws of Exponents

Expanding Single Brackets

Expanding Pairs of Brackets

Expanding Difference of Squares

Perfect Square Expansions

Further Expansions Cubes

Algebraic Substitution

Formula Substitution

Formula Rearrangement


Backtracking - Inverse Operations

Building up Expressions

Doing the Same to Both Sides

Keeping Equations Balanced

Solving Equations using Backtracking

Equations with the Pronumerals on Both Sides

Checking Solutions

Solving Word Problems

What is a Linear Equation?

Basic Linear Equations

Linear Equations Involving Expansions

Linear Equations Involving Fractions

Problem Solving with Linear Equations


Raising a Power to Another Power

Negative Exponents

Rational Exponents

Complicated Exponent Laws

Algebraic Expansion with Exponents


Linear Simultaneous Equations - Elimination Method

Algebraic Factorisation with Exponents

Linear Simultaneous Equations - Substitution Method

Problem Solving with Linear Simultaneous Equations

Undefined or All Real Values of Simultaneous Equations


Factorising using Common Factors

Factorising using Difference of Squares

Factorising with Four Terms

Factorising Quadratic Trinomials


Simplifying Algebraic Fractions using Linear Factorise

Simplifying Algebraic Fractions using Quadratic Factorise

Product and Sum of Algebraic Fractions using Quadratic Factorise

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