Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended – Shape and Space

3.1 Coordinate Geometry
3.2 Angle Geometry
3.3 Similarity
3.4 Congruence
3.5 Transformations
3.6 Circle Geometry
3.7 Measurement
3.8 Perimeter
3.9 Area
3.A Surface Area
3.B Volume
3.C Pythagoras Theorem
3.D Trigonometry
3.E Trigonometric Graphs
3.F Non-Right Angled Triangles
3.G Vectors

About the course

This Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended course on shape and space gives you a full understanding of this topic. Taking you through a detailed syllabus, you are able to achieve grades between A* and E while learning life skills, as well as gaining internationally recognised training.

All you need to complete this course is a laptop with internet connection, a calculator, notepad and pen, making it easy to learn anywhere.

By the time you have completed this course, you will have an advanced understanding of all relevant aspects of shape and space.

What to expect

This Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended course will guide you through every aspect of the shape and space syllabus. Breaking it down into manageable, stages, you can learn methodically in a way that makes it straightforward, as well as being able to see your course completion percentage.

Each section allows you to input your answers to questions, telling you whether they are correct or incorrect and giving you the opportunity to change your answers. By doing this, you can learn in an interactive way, putting your knowledge to the test as well as making sure you fully understand, before moving onto the next step.


  • Gives an in-depth understanding of shape and space
  • User-friendly
  • Teaches the Cambridge Mathematics syllabus
  • Broken down into manageable steps
  • Input answers and mark as you go along
  • Learn at your own speed

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Coordinate Geometry

Angle Geometry
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Circle Geometry
Surface Area
Pythagoras Theorem
Trigonometric Graphs
Non-Right Angled Triangles
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