Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended – Number

1.1 Directed Numbers
1.2 Number Skills
1.3 Sets
1.4 Venn Diagrams
1.5 Fractions
1.6 Decimals
1.7 Percentages
1.8 Time
1.9 Measurement
1.A Interest Rates
1.B Ratios
1.C Rates
1.D Growth and Decay

About the course

This Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended course on numbers will provide you with an extensive understanding of numbers. Designed for those aiming for grades between A* and E, it makes learning straightforward, teaching you everything you need to know to gain a prestigious qualification.

Making it easy to learn from any location, the only equipment you need for this course is a computer with an internet connection, a calculator, a notepad and pen.

By the time you have completed this Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended course on numbers, you will be in good stead to take the next step in your education or career.

What to expect

This Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended course on numbers is broken down into various sections, lessons and steps, with each being on a specific area of knowledge.

Work your way through each section at your own pace, entering your answers to questions, to have them marked in real-time and correct any mistakes. This interactive method of learning makes it easy to ensure you fully understand before marking each topic as complete.

The progress bar highlights your course completion percentage as you work your way through each stage, making learning enjoyable, simple and fun.


  • Teaches a comprehensive understanding of numbers
  • Broken down into manageable sections
  • Makes it easy to learn with minimal equipment
  • Enter your answers and mark them as you progress
  • Allows you to further your understanding of mathematics
  • Learn at your own pace

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Course Content

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Directed Numbers

Number Skills
Set Theory
Venn Diagrams
Interest Rates
Growth and Decay
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Course Includes

  • 85 Lessons
  • 636 Topics
  • 69 Quizzes