Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended Algebra

Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended – Algebra

2.1 Algebraic Expressions
2.2 Factorisation
2.3 Exponents
2.4 Linear Equations
2.5 Simultaneous Equations
2.6 Number Sequences
2.7 Quadratic Equations
2.8 Quadratic Graphs
2.9 Functions
2.A Kinematics
2.B Cubic Polynomials
2.C Exponential Graphs
2.D Differentiation

105 Lessons

About the course

This Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Extended course on algebra gives students that are aiming to achieve grades A* – E the opportunity to learn and excel online.

Making learning enjoyable, you can gain one of the world’s most respected qualifications using a laptop, internet connection, calculator, notepad and pen.

Once you have completed this prestigious course, you will have worked towards securing new opportunities in your education and career.

What to expect

This course aims to teach a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus, covering every relevant aspect of algebra.

Breaking the course down into separate sections and lessons, you can tackle each stage one step at a time. Enter your answers for each question, making corrections as they are marked in real-time, to give you confidence in your answers and knowledge.

The progress bar shows your course completion percentage as you mark each section as complete, keeping you motivated and on track at all times.


  • Designed for convenience
  • Gives an in-depth understanding of algebra
  • Globally respected course
  • Enter answers and mark them in real-time
  • Requires minimal equipment
  • Learn at your own pace

Course Materials


Using Rules

Writing and Finding Formulas


Problem Solving using Algebra

Expressions and Equations

Expanding Single Brackets

Expanding Pairs of Brackets

Expanding Difference of Squares

Perfect Square Expansions

Algebraic Substitution

Formula Substitution

Formula Rearrangement

Adding and Subtracting Algebraic Fractions

Multiplying and Dividing Algebraic Fractions

Simplifying Algebraic Expressions using Laws of Exponents


Factorising using Common Factors

Factorising using Difference of Squares

Factorising with Four Terms

Factorising Sum and Difference of Cubes

Simplifying Algebraic Fractions using Linear Factorise

Simplifying Algebraic Fractions using Quadratic Factorise

Product of Algebraic Fractions using Quadratic Factorise

Sum of Algebraic Fractions using Quadratic Factorise


Powers and Bases

Multiplication using Exponents

Division using Exponents

Zero Index

Raising a Power to Another Power

Negative Exponents

Negative Bases

Rational Exponents

Complicated Exponent Laws

Algebraic Expansion with Exponents

Algebraic Factorisation with Exponents

Exponential Equations


What is a Linear Equation?

Basic Linear Equations

Linear Equations Involving Expansions

Linear Equations Involving Fractions

Problem Solving with Linear Equations

Linear Inequalities

Linear Inequalities involving Fractions


Linear Simultaneous Equations - Elimination Method

Linear Simultaneous Equations - Substitution Method

Numerical Application of Linear Simultaneous Equations

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