Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core Algebra

Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core – Algebra

2.1 Algebraic Expressions
2.2 Exponents
2.3 Linear Equations
2.4 Simultaneous Equations
2.5 Number Sequences
2.6 Quadratic Graphs
2.7 Kinematics

49 Lessons

About the course

This Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core Algebra course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the basic algebra syllabus.

Designed to make learning enjoyable, simple and successful, all you need to complete this course is a passion for learning, a computer with internet connection, a calculator, notepad and pen.

By the time you have completed this Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core Algebra course, you will have a great understanding of algebra which can be used in further education, as well as day-to-day life.

What to expect

This course is designed to introduce students to all relevant aspects of algebra in a simple and methodical way.

Giving a detailed understanding of each topic, you can work through sections at your own speed. Enter your answers to have them marked in real-time, allowing you to make corrections and perfect your knowledge as you go.

The progress bar highlights your course completion, allowing you to keep track of where you are in the course, helping to stay motivated while you learn.


  • Includes everything you need to know about algebra
  • Learn wherever and whenever works best for you
  • Straightforward and user-friendly
  • Cost-effective course
  • View your course completion percentage as you work
  • Reach a maximum grade of Cambridge Mathematics

Course Materials


Using Rules

Writing and Finding Formulas


Problem Solving using Algebra

Expressions and Equations

Expanding Single Brackets

Expanding Pairs of Brackets

Expanding Difference of Squares

Perfect Square Expansions

Algebraic Substitution

Formula Substitution

Formula Rearrangement

Factorising using Common Factors


Powers and Bases

Multiplication using Exponents

Division using Exponents

Zero Index

Raising a Power to Another Power


What is a Linear Equation?

Basic Linear Equations

Linear Equations Involving Expansions

Linear Equations Involving Fractions

Problem Solving with Linear Equations


Linear Simultaneous Equations - Elimination Method

Linear Simultaneous Equations - Substitution Method

Numerical Application of Linear Simultaneous Equations


Number Sequences

Describing Sequences

General Term of a Number Sequence


Quadratic Graphs from Tables of Values

Quadratic Graphs Vertices Origin

Quadratic Graphs Up Down

Parabola Touches X-axis

Parabola in Vertex Form

Parabola in Intercept Form

X-intercept Y-intercept

Axis of Symmetry

Vertex of a Parabola

Quadratic Graphs by Completing the Square


Displacement-Time Graphs

Velocity-Time Graphs

Acceleration-Time Graphs