Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core Online Courses

1.1 Directed Numbers
1.2 Number Skills
1.3 Sets
1.4 Venn Diagrams
1.5 Fractions
1.6 Decimals
1.7 Percentages
1.8 Time
1.9 Measurement
1.A Interest Rates
1.B Ratios
1.C Rates

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93 Lessons
2.1 Algebraic Expressions
2.2 Exponents
2.3 Linear Equations
2.4 Simultaneous Equations
2.5 Number Sequences
2.6 Quadratic Graphs
2.7 Kinematics

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49 Lessons
3.1 Coordinate Geometry
3.2 Angle Geometry
3.3 Similarity
3.4 Congruence
3.5 Transformations
3.6 Circle Geometry
3.7 Measurement
3.8 Perimeter
3.9 Area
3.A Surface Area
3.B Volume
3.C Pythagoras Theorem
3.D Trigonometry
3.E Vectors

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102 Lessons
4.1 Probability
4.2 Descriptive Statistics
4.3 Representing Data
4.4 Exploring Data
4.5 Linear Correlation

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47 Lessons

This page is home to our industry-leading Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core courses.

Why choose a Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core course?

Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core courses are within the ability range of most students. Designed to give a fundamental understanding of each section of the curriculum, these courses form a fantastic base of knowledge that creates opportunities for students and puts them in good stead to continue developing their learning. Core courses mean that students cannot achieve higher than a C for their syllabus grade, so this should be considered when deciding whether this is the right course for you. If you want to achieve between an A* and an E grade, look at our Extended courses here.

Who are these courses suitable for?

Cambridge Mathematics IGCSE Core courses are suitable for those aiming to achieve grades between C and G. They are ideal for those looking to gain an in-depth understanding of the subject and those looking to enhance their application of mathematics.

Can a Cambridge qualification shape your future?

Cambridge qualifications are prestigious and respected worldwide, creating further student learning opportunities. As well as teaching you the curriculum needed to pass a test, these courses also develop beneficial skill sets such as critical thinking and independent research. By completing a Cambridge qualification, you can be confident that it will improve your education and career prospects.

Benefits of these courses

These courses are designed to take your knowledge to the next level, providing life skills at an affordable price. Creating a user-friendly way of learning means you can work at your own pace; you can make your way through each section while your answers are marked in real time, creating an interactive and enjoyable learning process.

  • All you need is a computer, internet connection, notepad, calculator and pen
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Enter your answers and make corrections as you go
  • View progress percentage as you work

How to get started

To get started, all you need to do is choose the type of access you require. There are options to sign up for access to all topics or purchase specific courses individually.